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Overview eControl Transportation

eControl is the software product for the organisational and process-based support of small airports through to large international commercial airports with several thousand employees, spread over different locations.  The flexible and easy-to-use software package eControl is the market leader in German-speaking countries and throughout Europe.

Electronic forms and digital checklists are the core of eControl. Every airport designs its own forms according to operational requirements or alters the forms issued as desired.

The content of the forms is combined for each area with shift reports for the support of Operations Management.

Data protection at the highest level, a legally watertight storage of information and fully automatic notification chains are standard system features.

Based on the content of the electronic forms and checklists for different corporate functions, eControl provides specific functionalities:

  • Safetymanagement
  • Code management
    • Key Performance Indicators
    • Key Safety Indicators
  • BirdControl/environmental management
  • Malfunction message management
  • Complaint management

The software concept of eControl provides a universal system platform from the initial collection of data from the operational units to the detailed study by safety management or other process owners. This integration is a unique feature of eControl and guarantees authentic data without media disruptions and the problem of duplication.









Checks, violations and no penalties

Process management instead of penalisation
Penalisation of violations is only applicable for deviations due to avoidable personal misconduct. ...more

NEW REPORTS - Controlled documents incl. Read &Sign

From version 3.60 onwards, the TQMS (Training and Qualification Management System) software module has at its disposal additional reports for the control of documents. The term document control encompasses the versioning and distribution of documents, the notification of amendments by the user and all associated control and verification functions. ...more

Technical Product Catalogue SMS

The current Technical Product Catalogue SMS and Audit Management is now available in our Documents-section. ...more
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eControl Mobile
eControl mobileDetails about the new mobile functionality of eControl
passive sound proofing
passive soundproofingDetails about the new passive soundproofing module of eControl.