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New white paper: Company-wide compliance

 Maintaining compliance is a task that covers almost all areas of an airport. Therefore, an overall view and handling of the closely linked processes from the areas of safety, risk, environment, etc. is required. Requirements arising from Regulation (EU) 139/2014 and numerous other regulations and laws create a dynamic compliance environment that conventional systems do not meet or only meet with considerable additional effort.

In our current whitepaper "Company-wide compliance" we show you how compliance requirements can be mapped and updated across airport-departments with eControl and how compliance can be monitored and proven.

You can download the whitepaper as a PDF in our documents section.



Welcome Vienna Airport!

 With 24.4 million passengers and 288,000 tons of cargo in 2017, LOWW is Austria’s largest and best-known airport. It is the home airport and hub of Austrian Airlines, LaudaMotion, Eurowings Europe and EasyJet Europe.

Vienna International Airport uses the eControl suite in the areas of operations management, safety management, wild life risk management and training & qualification management. In the area of training and qualification management, the CBT system “KnowledgeFox” of the Vienna-based company of the same name is seamlessly integrated into the system. Integration is facilitated by the open CBT interface of the eControl system.

In the areas of Operations Management, Safety Management and Wildlife Risk Management, the SharePoint individual applications will be replaced at the LOWW site. The use of eControl mobile also simplifies and accelerates the process documentation.

In this way, eControl actively contributes to the continuous maintenance of compliance with the EU (Regulation 376/2014) at Vienna International Airport.


New white paper: "TQMS - Documentation and verification of trainings and qualifications"

 The efficient provision and verfification of qualification measures is a challenge for the persons responsible.

EASA- and IATA-requirements as well as EU regulations require a precise verification management for the performed qualification measure, that provides appropriate information to third parties in order to enable them to authentically review the implementation and training results.

eControl provides a range of tools for the implementation and verification of qualification measures and supports the person responsible by keeping the expense for documentation and control low.

Our new white paper „TQMS - documentation and verification of trainings and qualifications“ is an extension of the „Qualification Events“ and gives you insight about eControls qualification management with focus on verification management and automation.

The white paper is now available as download in our Documents section.


Specification sheet "BirdControl"

 Our new specification sheet „BirdControl“ is now available as a download in the documents section. It contains a shorthand list of requirements that are met by the eControl module „BirdControl“. Based on the basis-software, the integration of the modules „Wildlife Risk Assessment“ and „ECCAIRS Occurrence Reporting Reg. (EC) 376/2014 is also specified.


Change package “CS-ADR-DSN Issue 4“ (Annex to Decision 2017-021-R) is now available

 An update of the Certification Specifications Issue 4 (Annex to Decision 2017-021-R) is now available for eControl. The changes can be loaded into the eControl system by the customer or by the manufacturer to update the current requirements, including the Guidance Material (GM).

The change package contains a workflow control, which includes the continuity of compliance and the necessary change and evidence activities. The process becomes transparent, controllable and the compliance work can be proven in a revision-proof manner. The company’s change management is an integral part of the change concept and the evidence control.