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Every user of eControl uses a multitude of more or less ergonomic software systems every day.  eControl offers the convenience of a customer-oriented WEB application and can therefore be implemented throughout the company without any problems and across processes.

From an analytical perspective the success of a technical product depends not only on the factors of price, reliability and lifetime but also on the user-friendliness of the product.  eControl provides the user with functions from the simple capture of a delay to the integrated SMS expert system. We meet the challenge of creating efficient software functions and automations intuitively and in a user-friendly way with the maximum standardisation.

The dialogue of basis functions for

are standardised throughout the system. A user who is able to merge the discovery of a carcase and a birdstrike via the Object Explorer, is with this knowledge in a position to include the birdstrike in a runway safety meeting.

From the point of view of data flow the information quality of forms and checklists is essential for the processing success of eControl.  Irrespective of the customer-specific creation of forms and checklists a uniform functionality is available for the areas

Data analysis in the form of

benefits from the high degree of standardization..