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New Whitepaper: Guided documents with Read and Sign


Process related Documents get updates on a regular basis. To ensure that new versions are provided to each relevant personnell group in a comprehensible way, it needs a reliable system for distribution with notification and monitoring capabilities.

With „Guided documents“ eControl provides a system that ensures theses requirements in accordance with (EU) regulation 139/2014. To learn more about „Guided documents“, take a look at our white paper „Guided documents with Read and Sign“ which is now available as a download in the documents section.


New white paper: Compliance Management - Managing Changes of EASA and ICAO regulations

 After the compliance audit is before the compliance audit.


A compliance proven by uncountable documents and specific data always has a dynamic character. The proof of compliance requires revision, as soon as changes of the regulations become effective or when changes of the operational framework require a revision of the proving documentation. The current whitepaper focusses changes on the regulatory side, describing the workflow in note form.

eControl indicates which requirements are affected by changes. The status of the internal workflow is clearly visible at all times and forms the basis of an effective and collaborative approach to the work process. A version management for requirements and a release management for associated documents proves, which requirement has been proven at which specific date. eControl aviation provides regulatory changes on the software side and simplifies and optimizes the worlflow for maintaining the compliance niveau.

The white paper is available as a download in the document area.



New Handbook available: „eControl mobile - Mobile data entry“


eControl mobile - our software solution for touchscreen devices - is able to increase productivity of the operating staff without the need for large technical or commercial expenses. The handbook „eControl mobile - Mobile data entry“ explains the simple and ergonomically use of already existing eForms for mobile users.

One focus of the handbook is on the change of work processes and information paths through use of mobile devices.

Another chapter describes the administration of mobile devices with a minimum of effort.

The manual is available immediately as a download in the document area.


New whitepaper available: „Update requirements Annex to Decision 2016/009/R“


In order to keep up compliance with the latest changes of the "Annex to Decision 2016/009/R“ regulation, various task need to be undertaken. The whitepaper „Update requirements Annex to Decision 2016/009/R“ describes which existing requirements need to be updated and points out new, as well as obsolete requirements.

The Whitepaper is available in our documents section.


New manual available: "eControl mobile: Wildlife control - Point-stop method"


The monitoring of habitats in the context of wildlife strike hazard reduction is a labour-intensive task.

The most recent edition, eControl mobile provides a fast data entry system for digital wildlife mapping with the Point-stop method.

This mobile data entry reduces expenditure for the Point-stop method, because the expenditure incurred for the double entry of observation data in a database is eliminated.

The manual "eControl mobile: Wildlife control - Point-stop method" describes step-by-step the application of eControl on mobile devices for the monitoring of habitats.

The manual is available immediately as a download in the document area.

Handbook Point-stop method